Rodney says
“Your site is flying now! It was fast before, but for the past few days your servers have been the fastest I've seen in a while for loading a page. Keep up the great work...I still think you guys have the best tracker on the net (paid ones included).”


How can I access my reports without creating a hit?

Go to your report page, make a bookmark of the page and use it next time to go directly to your reports. Or exclude your IP address on your My Account - Edit page.

Where are the numbers / digits on the button?

A counter on your page is not part of the eXTReMe Tracking program. If you click the button the stats will appear. You may find (free) counters on many addresses on the web.

Can I choose any counter that I want and use it together with your stats package?

No problem.

How can I change my tracker details after registering?

You can change your tracker details on the My Account - Edit page.

Do you allow me to track multiple pages?

The Free Tracker is limited to one tracker on one page per site. With the Pro Tracker you can track as many pages as you want.

Accessing my page javascript errors show up. How can I fix it?

Probably you or your editor program changed the tracker code, please check and/or replace. At your My Account see also "Help" >> "Check if you copied your code correctly".
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