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In-depth Statistics for your Website

All your pages, private reports. Besides all the usual counts, view every single visitor in extreme detail.


Stop waiting, know how many visitors you will get today, this week and this month before the day, week or month is finished.

Business Tracking

Get business leads and convert them to new clients. Retarget these leads on LinkedIn/Adwords and maximize your return on advertising spend. See which of your competitors are snooping around on your site.

List, click, follow and tag your visitors

Individual visitor reports with Time Spent, Pages Visited, Returns, Referrers, Location, Device Specifications and more. Give important visitors a tag and a name to highlight.


NEW: Want to see the Top Visitors from your Country? The Referring Domains from Mobile Visitors? Exit Pages per Country? Pageviews per Browser? Business Leads from a new Region? Explore lets you.

And many more features to get the most out of your Website, Blog or Landing Page.

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Cancelation. You can cancel your tracker whenever you wish by posting a cancelation message at your My Account. Recurring will then stop immediately. After cancelation your tracker will run until the end of your last paid period.

Up in a Few Minutes.

To get your tracker up and running it takes you a few minutes signing up and placing the tracker code on your site. Immediately after your tracker will be activated automatically.


Adding the tracker to your site, blog or landing page is easy. Just copy and paste the tracker code into the source of your pages or template and you are ready. At your My Account you find all your tracker details and setup instructions clearly explained as well as your personal code-checker to check if you copied the code correctly.

Outstanding Support.

If you need support just post your message at your My Account and we help you out fast. Your ticket will be picked up and answered typically within one hour, guaranteed within one business day. At your My Account all your support QA's are being stored for you to re-check at any time.
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