Travis says
“Ever since I started my own website when I was 12, I've been using your tracker, and I love the fact that it's been the same, easy to use tracker as it's always been. I've tried other trackers and have always come back to extremetracking. I love it!”


What people are saying about eXTReMe Tracking

Frederik says:

“I've been using extreme tracking for more than 10 years on and many other websites. I'm totally amazed by the extreme ease of use and the clear and clever design of the program.
Especially the live tracking of the data is much better compared to other tracking software systems.
Extreme tracking is simply the best tracking solution on the market. It has been of excellent use for me on more than 40 projects.
Many thanks!
Frederik Ventzke”
BladNL says:

“Hello Extreme Tracking,
Thanks for your 'EXTREMELY' helpful service. With your reports we can monitor the visitors of our website BladNL and De Schoolkrantdrukkerij in a fast, clean and accurate way. This is exactly what you want from site statistics. With most other tracking companies the reports are needlessly complicated and they offer poor support. We especially value the extra features like custom tagging visitors and dynamically tracking unlimited pages on our domain.
Thanks again!
BladNL Team”
Mary says:

“Thank you! I have been a customer for a very long time. I think I started with a free tracker back in the year 2000. Thank you for being so dependable!
I check my tracker a dozen times a day!!
Travis says:

“Ever since I started my own website when I was 12, I've been using your tracker, and I love the fact that it's been the same, easy to use tracker as it's always been. I've tried other trackers and have always come back to extremetracking. I love it! Thank you so much for your free service and for proving me with a great way to track my visitors and monitor traffic.
Ben says:

“In the many years that I've used your service, I've only experienced two problems.
In both instances the problems were fixed in mere minutes.
You folks are Great!
Thanks again,
Graham says:

“Can I just take time out to congratulate all at eXTReMe Tracking for the new 'map' feature. An absolutely excellent addition to an already first class service. Please pass my thanks on to all involved! With all the other 'additions' provided this year eXTReMe must be the best stats service available for websites on the net.
Graham Turner”
Mike says:

“Thanks for the immediate response to my letter. I appreciate it. You have to understand, I only recently convinced my wife that doing business over the Internet is a safe, smart easy way to do things. Thanks for proving that.
Mike Jasper”
William says:

“Dear Sirs,
As a professional, I know that tracking hits is crucial to site design and enhancement. The problem is that the companies providing hit tracking services haven't realized that fact yet. And the result? The result is a thousand of CGI scripts, custom coding, software packages and the like that all attempt to do one simple thing, tell us who visited, where they came from, what they did, and if they returned. I used to wonder why somebody out there didn't create a tracking counter based on the needs of the market. And now I can stop wondering.
What can I say? There is not a webmaster, a web desinger or web neophite out there who has any excuse not to use Extreme Tracker. You are so far above the competition in features, reliability, and support that I wonder why you aren't the only game in town. An extremely enthusiastic round of applause for your product. I couldn't be more impressed. Thanks for making my life easier...
William Shiloh Danan
The Garden of the Netherwhen”
Paul says:

“I'm now not only delighted with the eXTReMe service, but with the responsiveness of its support staff, as well.
Keep up the good work,
Paul Tukey”
Ivan says:

the letter from one of your totally pleased users :)
First of all, your service is the best I could find on the 'Net, and I searched alot. Unlike all other trackers yur service is 100% reliable and amazingly fast, considering the number of users that you must have. You must have heard this all before thousands times though ;)
I regret that I run a freeware nonprofit site and can not contribute with money, but I'm constantly clicking on your sponsor's banners, to contribute at least some..
PiRaMidA aka Ivan S. Manida, software engineer, Astro Soft”
Drew says:

“Dear 'Extreme Tracking' Crew,
I just started to use your service and I'm thrilled! Not only does it work great, but it is organized efficiently, and has to be one of the easiest off- site services to install that I've had experience with ! (and I've experienced many, choosing to make my sites highly inter-active in the true spirt of the web). I can't begin to tell you how this helps me 'tailor' my clients needs to the visitors needs... extremely powerful tool for a site developer. You even have enough class to design a nice-looking logo link unobtrusive to one's site. (I love the graphic work on it), instead of some gawdy flashing banner that makes ones site look like the side of a moving bus. I won't post banners of any type on my sites, as I work very hard to create a themed 'ambiance' throughout my clients site, and also work hard generating hoards of graphics for these sites to support these 'themes'. Blow it all by plastering some banner that doesn't match across the page!... I don't think so! Your graphic is good-looking, and of a size that I can include it on my page without it making the page look like crap. (Your smarter than most these other services that aren't making it onto peoples pages)
Anyway... THANKS !! :)
It'll be a pleasure having you as a resource on my pages... and I'm still dumbfounded that I'm aquiring such a great service for my sites for FREE !!!
Have a great day crew, and keep up the fantastic work!
Drew G. Stimson
Owner / President
Wylies Web Productions”
Jim says:

“Dear Sir/Madame,
I am the Director for IT Architecture and Strategy for a very large( 8 billion) multinational organization (47 countries). I am also very involved in various internet visioning and development for our company as well as other discrete consulting engagements.
I love the new and creative possibilities that the Internet provides for doing business. You have a excellent idea here and I will be broadcasting your ingenuity to as many people as I can.
My hat is off to you.
Jim Sims”
J.A. King says:

“Just wanted to let you know that I'm seriously impressed with your tracking system. "Extreme" tracking is an understatement. Your system is incredible. I've been on the Net for about 3 years now and I haven't seen such comprehensive information obtain through a browser yet (outside of the ability of my web host admin to provide me with these types of stat reports on my site) now I have that same detailed information available to me with a click on your tracker icon!
J.A. King”
Rodney says:

“Your site is flying now! It was fast before, but for the past few days your servers have been the fastest I've seen in a while for loading a page.
Keep up the great work...I still think you guys have the best tracker on the net (paid ones included).
Rodney Blackwell”
Doug says:

“What can I say but WOW! I cannot thank you enough for providing this service. I've only had Extreme Tracking on my site for 6 days now and I can't tell you how wonderful it is. Obviously a lot of thought went into developing it and it shows. The way you provided easy installation instructions into my HTML was super. I am very impressed with each statics page and how easy it is to read and how professional it looks. Words can't adequately express my gratitude to you for providing this service... and for free.
Doug Custer
Tulsa, OK, USA”
Richard says:

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your tracker.
I put it on my web page just a week ago, and the info you provide is nothing short of amazing!
I've been able to find sites that have put a link to my page that I didn't know about; get an idea of what kind of search terms people are using to find my page, and by just clicking on some of the referred links, have found other pages with useful info, and have been able to add links to my page as well on some other sites I didn't even know about.
You have a great service --- my provider doesn't allow personal web space to utilize cgi-scripts, so there's no other way (other than competing, 'inferior' trackers) for me to see the kind of information you provide.
Richard Gamberg
Hawaii, USA”
Elaine says:

“Thanks again,
By the way I really want to compliment you not only on the quality of your product, the value of the content it provides, but your personal service. I hope to read of a high profile IPO for you guys in the future.
Best Wishes,
Jon says:

“I really appreciate your quick and thorough attention and the great service you're running. I've been recommending it to alot of people.
Dan says:

“Thank you.
It is your timely responses and willingness to answer my questions, combined with what I believe is an excellent product, that adds to my total satisfaction regarding the decision that I made to apply, download, install and run your service.
Thanks again for the opportunity to use your Extreme Tracking service. It is the BEST by far that I have seen to date.
Your Loyal and completely Satisfied customer,
Dan Garber (Houston, Texas)”
Steve says:

“Thank you very much!!!
I am very pleased with you service and have been very happy to have it working top notch as it was before--thank you for you quick responses and you consideration in helping me with this matter
Your devoted user
Steve Cornelius”
L. Brewer says:

“At first I had trouble setting up an account. Not sure why. You said try again and I'm glad I did. Your service is GREAT! I used to use three other tracking services. Your service beats them all hands down. I removed them all from my page and I'll just use you from now on. Your service is faster and more informative than the others. Thanks!
L. Brewer”
Paul says:

“have contacted extreme digital twice now for technical support and I fell I must tell How VERY, VERY IMPRESSED I am with the speed, accuracy and helpfulness of your technical support people THANK YOU!
Layne says:

“Greetings from Canada,
Just wanted to take a second of your time, to thank you for your services
I have Web Tracker on My site, and your Tracker loads MUCH faster!
Great Development you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your utility show me info. that no one else can and it's VERY useful.
WHO LOVE'S YA MORE THAN I????????????????
Have a great day :-)
Layne Roscoe
Axe Music Inc.”
Dale says:

“THE BEST tracker ! At last we are liberated from the other junk they call trackers.... so when can we expect a new operating system to kill win95? lol
Dale Emmons”
Gair says:

“Gotta' tell you--this looks really cool. Thanks a lot for providing such a service to the internet public. I was running a free, unreliable counter that died every time I made a tiny change to the page; and it took me an hour or so each time to get it working again. Your html was so easy to insert that I am still amazed. Thanks again! You'll certainly get word of mouth advertising from me!
David says:

“Thank you very much!!! I am very impressed with your service, and I very much appreciate the quick response. You folks are great!!! Thanks!!!
David Neelin
Francis says:

“What a fantastic service!! (Thanks to your sponsors for helping you to provide it! ;-)) It is fast and reliable, and SO comprehensive - congratulations on a job well done!
Francis Young :-)
Centre for Thomistic Studies, Sydney, Australia”
Carl says:

“Since the day you sent me this note I glanced over your pages and then listed your site on my Free Counters page at and didn't think any more about the issue. To my surprise, I began getting feedback from my guests about the high quality of your service.
In the last week I have taken a second look at your site and I must say "I am impressed!" I particularly like your referrer and Geo tracking.
The point to this is that I have placed your site as the most prominent Free Service on my page. I believe you would be pleased. Also, I opened an account with your company and included your icon on the page so that my guests can view the stats for themselves.
You offer a great free service to the web community, keep up the good work.
Carl Wilson
Free Gifs & Animations
B. Thomas Romeo says:

“As the technology coordinator of the vineland public library in vineland nj and also the city webmaster for vineland let me just say that your tracking is excellent.
We can't express how nice and convient this is!
b. thomas romeo
technology coordinator
vineland public library”
Stan says:

“Thanks for your prompt and professional response. I am more impressed with you the more I deal with you.
A visitor to my site wrote:
"... and great tracking service. Gotta check those guys out for myself... Salut!"
I think that the whole world will love you soon enough.
Again, Thanks for everything.
Stan Charbonneau, Estimator
Printing Services, Concordia University”
Bob says:

“I have your tracker set up on my site, and I love it! It looks like it will be a very valuable tool for me. I was able to tell that most of my traffic was coming from Infoseek - now I can work on the other search engines. Thank you for providing such a valuable service!
Sincerely, Bob McCabe”
Bill says:

“Many thanks for your wonderful service/product. I have been using it in my index page for three-four weeks now and it is fantastic. I recommend you to everyone.
Thank you again,
Bill Murphy
Zvi says:

“Hi - I just tried out your service, and want to congradulate you on this great service!
I will pass this on to the many webmasters I know here in Israel!
Zvi Lando”
Phil says:

“First I would like to say that I am very impressed with the program and the service that you provide here with the eXTReMe Tracking. I have been looking all over for something to provide us with everything that your one package does.
Phil Boedges
System Integration Engineer
Office of the Secretary of Defense”
Bo says:

“I think your free tracker service is probably one of the most unique services I have seen on the internet!
Espedito says:

“I'd like to thank you for providing such an awesome service for netizens and doing it for free!
Robin says:

I have no idea why you offer this free, but I am delighted! This IS the best I have seen. I just wanted to tell you. Thank you so much!
Robin Kuhnert
Eagle Song Flutes”
Mike says:

“I found your site through a freeway site and I am sure glad I did! I really like the service you offer. Compared to the other sites, which I looked at 3 or 4, yours service is the best.
Mike Rackouski
Ashland, WI”

“I have just evaluated your tracker for my free stuff website............ WOW, GOD! It blew me away! Fantastic product, I wish you great success in this venture - kick ass!”
Clive says:

I would just like to say how impressed I am with the Business tracking, this is a very usefull facility allowing us to send out information to companies who have visited our website with the opportunity to win more business. Without this many opportunities would be missed. Thank you.
Best regards,
Clive Brown, Business Manager
Jean says:

“The features and additional information make it easy to identify potential customers before they contact me and gives me lead time to prepare for them!
Keep up the good work!
Lynn says:

“Thanks for the speedy reply. We have used your service for years and refer everyone to it. You folks do a great job and are always coming up with something new.
Very appreciated by your customers.
Stuart says:

“I just wanted to say how happy we are with your service, we've been using it on for years now and you've never let us down. You've always been really helpful and responsive.
Thank You for helping us succeed!
Stuart Jones”
gta says:

“I've been using ExtremeTracking for a week now. The satisfaction and grade of quality information I obtain from it was evident the first hour of use. Your simplified basic forms are nothing more, or less than a person needs. I now can manage my PPC, PPV, Newsletters, target email with an exacting factor, not before available to me. You truly believe in the KISS way of getting to what is needed. I have paid as much as $280 per month (one month only) using Atlas One to get the same information as I get for $4.50 from you. Oh sure, they added conversion tracking and more complicated forms to extrapolate the data, but who on earth needs it. Just show me what works, when it worked and where did it work. Let me figure out the conversion. gta
I'm a retired CTO and manage my site and company. When I tell you've got something good, I know what I'm telling you. I wish you sold stock because someone is going to buy you. Just hold out and don't do a whole lot of improving. One suggestion is however for the less informed would be a, 'How to Use' page. gta”
Brian says:

“I just signed up for your tracker. After 5 minutes I found out my website made Wired Magazine!
President Kill Pop Radio”
Joshua says:

“I have tried every free tracking service that is out there, and yours is the best by far. The connection is quick, you provide every type of data that I could want in a very intuitive format, and the icon is well-made but unobtrusive.
Thank you very much for this fantastic service.
Andrei says:

“Hello there!
I've been using your service for over a month now. It's awesome. Now I check my stats at Extreme-dm before checking my e-mails.
Great service. Thanks.
Andrei Pavlov”
Stan says:

“Dear Sirs,
I've red almost all of your Kudos, but just can't help being delighted about your services!
You provide all the most relevant information for web-masters who are curious who visit their sites and where do the users come from! I suspect that not enough thanks went to your "search engines used" statistics as well as your "keywords used" stats. They really help webmasters to increase traffic and help users looking for the site! I run (quite popular) web-server which comes in 7 languages and love your statistics even more than processed from the raw server logs!
You are doing the excellent job and I thank you from the heart!
Stan Grishin
ReGet Team
Dublin, Ireland”
Phil says:

“Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut USA:
I've been using your service for less than a week and am VERY happy to have found you!!!
As many have already written you, (per Kudos), the detailed data is extremely beneficial for any novice or professional Web Master - even my visitors are impressed :) I'm so pleased I'm even considering your "private" multi-page option.
Phil Viger”
Julian says:

“Is This Really FREE ??? <I Asked myself..... not for the first time >
It can't be is the logical response ....... logical but Completely utterly and even indubitably WRONG !!!!
I am so VERY impressed with the service. I am a webmaster and your tracker tool is OUTstanding .. So much information so precise and accurate ..I intend to use you for all my sites and will reccomend you whole heartedly to friends and associates alike.
once again ... THANK YOU .. it kind of restores my faith in human nature :-)...
Julian J”
Alan says:

Wow! Thanks a lot. I have NEVER received such prompt response (which actually worked) from a counter (or in this case, tracker company)
yours faithfully,
Jeff says:

“By the way, I want to commend you on your recent server upgrade. The work you did was nearly transparent to your clients, it was immediately obvious the speed boost on the new servers, and this was all accomplished in a tolerable time frame. You guys always do good work, and are a class, professional organization.
Beth says:

“Thank you for creating the non-public tracker! I've evaluated a lot of tracking software and nothing works as well as your product does.
Beth Shaw
TRO Learning”
Mingsong says:

“I just began using your tracker, just as I started developing my web page at I have been checking the information you provide and find in downright amazing as well as extremely useful!
I spent some hours yesterday researching other tracking devices and could find nothing that even approaches the depth and quality of your product.
I have been researching the web for web site tools for months now, and I want you to know that I believe this to be one of the best, most useful tools available.
The purpose of this letter is to express my deep appreciation to you for providing this product. By any standards, it is terriffic! Equally amazingly, it is free for me to use!
I normally never read the sponsors ads on web sites, but I shall make a point of reading your sponsors ads, because I want to support you in what you are doing. I suppose your sponsors enable you to continue to offer your product at no cost, so if I can support your sponsors in order to support you, I shall do so.
I shall also tell my friends about your product.
What a blessing to find such people as you!
Again, thank you.
Jeremy says:

“Add one more to your list of VERY satisfied users. The amount of useful information I get from Tracker is fantastic! And in appreciation, I am going to click on your advertising banners every time I visit your site henceforth.
P.S. Should you ever visit the United States, plan to tour Virginia and stay at my inn with my compliments.
Jeremy Robinson
The Hummingbird Inn/Hummingbird Communications”
Mike says:

I would like to say thanks for your tracker which is simply great. After only two days your tracker has already helped me re-design some parts of my website and add meta indexing tags. I use the tracking to understand how people are accessing my website. Also I will be able to check out how the search engines are performing and make sure my links are updated.
Interestingly, I can see people looking at my website more than once and I can see that second time around they are not using a search engine so they must be bookmarking. So I maybe I know when business might just be around the corner(!)
Education Course Advisory Service”
Joe says:

“Thanks a million I just love your counter and I'm sending it to everyone I know! I looked at every free service counter and yours is the easiest and most powerful I've found. Thanks again.
-- Joe Lumbroso
Ken says:

“Thank you for quick and also useful reply.. I have changed the code. It seems to be working fine. With your quick support in regards to handling user needs I have to say that I am VERY IMPRESSED. I would recommend your service to ANYONE.
Thanks Again,
Ken Knorr”
Stan says:

“I am once again impressed and heartened by your companies' professionalism. I greatly appreciate your report with regards to your recent outage. I am in fact so impressed that when discussing my web page to others, I tend to speak highly of your service rather than my material. Your tracker has become in my mind the principal attraction on my site. I cannot say enough good things about your firm.
Have a great day,
Stan Charbonneau
Printing Services, Concordia University”
Mike says:

“Thank you so much for your prompt & courteous reply.
You provide a great service, and I have found no other that compares.
I will install the fix promptly, and I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors.
Pete says:

“I just wanted to let you folks know how I felt about your service.
My site is hosted on my ISP and they don't provide server logs. Up until I started your service a month ago I was constantly flying blind. A counter doesn't tell you diddlely squat. Thanks to you I now know where advertising and posting is paying off and which reciprocal links to keep and which ones to dump.
Keep up the excellent work!
Pete LeClair
Quality Wood Products Online”
Kristina says:

“I'm not sure if this is where this message should go, but Thank You! What a wonderful product. Whoever created this beauty deserves rewards beyond rewards. Thank you again for sharing this with all of us and congratulations on a well done program.
You make us very happy.
Kristina D. Kremer
The Speared Peanut Design Studio”
Eternity says:

“Your tracker is the best on the net. There isn't another free tracker with the capability and thoughness that yours has! I check it daily and am amazed at how reliable it is. Keep up the great work
Hope says:

“I just wanted to say that I have used several tracking systems since starting this web page about 9 months ago, and to date yours has been the most reliable, and most informative of all the tracking systems.
I know my web page doesn't have many hits yet, but that is why the tracking is so important at the moment. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work! I appreciate it!
Hope Pritchard
Webmaster: Unofficial Sequoyah Chronicler”
Jodi says:

I added your tracker only 2 days ago, I am so in love with it!!!! Thank you for providing such a comprehensive, easy to use system.
Kind Regards,
Jodi L. Zimmett
Buffalo, NY
Matthew says:

“Greetings from M.J.C. Productions!!
We would just like to give you all at "eXTReMe" tracking a very big thank you. Your service is wonderful, and is quite helpful with our web page.
Thanks again for the great service!
Matthew J. Croyle
M.J.C. Productions”
Barry says:

“I recently signed up for the tracker and I must inform you: I am blown away! The intuitive nature of the display, and the crisp clean format makes it easy to view the critical statistics that help make a site successful. It is a pleasure to use your service!
Barry J. Fibiger
The Sheboygan Witness”
Jason says:

“I would like to say "Thanks" for this great service you are providing. The tracker will help me better design and maintain my page, as I use the system tracking to determine how people view it. It is proving to be an extremely valuable resource for my page.
Thanks a million!
Jason Stone”
Jeffrey says:

“Thanks for your wonderful service. I have been using Extreme Tracking for 5 days now on two Web sites and have been "extreme"ly pleased with the results. The JavaScript code in my HTML files runs very fast, connection to your servers is speedy and efficient both for recording and viewing of statistics. The statistics output is well formatted and easily understood. I particularly like the timestamp associated with each record, other services I have used don't do that. The "electric globe" icon is unobtrusive and doesn't detract from the aesthetics of my pages like others do. Keep up the good work.
Jeffrey Clark
Nitro, WV, USA”
Mary says:

“Hi. I just set up your service on one of my clients sites and it works very well. Thanks!
Mary Houten-Kemp”
Chip says:

“WOW! Thank you so much for providing this detailed information. I love it!! I'll recommend you to my clients!
Chip Ballew”
Phil says:

“Thank you for providing a great service. The features you provide are far superior than others available.
Phil Wood
Midi Hits”
Justin says:

“I'm just sending this e-mail to thank you for the tracking service you are providing. It has been very usefull for me. I have been able to see where people come from and how to make my site more usefull for them.
Thanks again for your great service.
Steven says:

“Thank you very much for your timely response. It is very refreshing to deal with a company which makes the extra effort. Much continued success to you.
Steven J. Ericson”
Brock says:

“I recently heard about your service, and decided to give it a try. Boy oh boy, it is awesome! The features and stats are amazing. I have been using Web Side Story's tracker for quite a while, but compared to yours - - it doesn't come close. Anyway, thanks again for the great product and service.
Brock Lambert”
Marc says:

“Wow! I don't know what it is about the Dutch, but they have the coolest free trackers on the Net. This awesome service from the Netherlands has every stat you could ask for, intelligently broken down by category. This fast-loading JavaScript-enhanced tracker offers you all the data you could ask for about your traffic. You get totals by Web site, search engine, E-mail, Usenet, etc. and even can find out what keywords your visitors used to locate you!
Marc McDonald
The Free Site”
Simon says:

“Since a few days I've been using "Extreme Tracking" for my websites, and I must say that I'm surprised by the accuracy and possibilities they offer.
Simon Smidt”
Nick says:

“I am very impressed by your service. You will note my guide has been updated with a nice little review of Extreme Tracking. I am also planning on a 'my favorite counters' page, and yours will undoubtedly be listed on it.
thank you,
Nick's Guide to Web Counters”
eXTReMe digital,  Geelvinckssteeg 32,  1017 BE Amsterdam,  The Netherlands