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  Counting since:    31 July 2002 /† 08:59
  Current report:    14 Apr 2024  /  07:50
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SummaryPeriod: 5874 Days
††Daily Unique:† ††Totals:†
††††Today††††† †1††/††14†Apr, Sun, 2024†††††Unique Visitors††††††210109†- 49.39%†
††††Yesterday††††† †1††/††05†Apr, Fri, 2024 ††††Visits incl. Reloads††††††425343†
††††Average††††† †35†††††Reloads††††††215234†- 50.60%†
††††Highest Day††††† †1609††/††08†Oct, Sat, 2011†††††Visitors via Referrers††††††201660†- 95.97%†
††Weekly Unique:† ††††Website Referrers††††††8416†
††††Current Week††††††† †1††/††Wk 15, 2024†††††Javascript Enabled††††††206696†- 98.37%
††††Last Week††††† †† †4††/††Wk 14, 2024†††
††††Average††††† †244†††Most accessed:†
††††Highest Week††††† †8478††/††Wk 40, 2011†††††Browser††††††Netscape 7†
††Monthly Unique:† † ††††††Operating System††††††Windows XP†
††††Current Month†† †5††/††Apr, 2024 ††††Screen Resolution††††††Other†
††††Last Month†††††††† †3††/††Mar, 2024†††††Screen Color††††††32 Bit (16.7M)†
††††Average††††† †1055†††††Searchengine††††††Google†
††††Highest Month††††† †11840††/††Oct, 2011†††††Keyword††††††esmaa †
††Highest Hour of the Day††††† †16:00 - 16:59†††††Domain/Country††††††- / Unknown†
††Highest Day of the Week†††† †Sunday ††††Continent††††††Unknown†

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