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“I'm now not only delighted with the eXTReMe service, but with the responsiveness of its support staff, as well. Keep up the good work, Paul”

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Daily, Weekly and Monthly visits. Referrers, Search Engine Queries, Keywords, Geographics, OS's, Browsers, Display Resolutions and much more.

All Time

All Time
Highly Detailed Visitor Info
Get very detailed information per visitor. Including; IP address + resolved, geographic location, organization, system information, netspeed, referrer, searchengine, keywords up to the exact path the visitor traveled through your site!

Last 20,000 Visitors

Last 20 Visitors
No Paths
Tag and Name Visitors
Tag any visitor you want. Give visitors who require more attention special names for easy following / recognition.
On the Map
Your visitors on an interactive world map. Full screen, zoomable to street level & bird's eye, mouse overs with visitor details, specific selections and much more!

Last 1,000 Visitors

Last 20 Visitors
Segment anything you want, everything tracked including referrer, queries and even by tagged visitors. Select all the filters you want and get just those visitors matched.
Movers & Shakers
All your statistics bundled and then analyzed for you. Instantly see why you get more or less visitors without having to go through all your statistics every time.
Time Selection
Select exactly what periods you want to get reported. Up to the day you've started we save all data specific per day forever, including all your pages, referrers, keywords, paths etc!
Track all your Pages

One Page
Hidden / No button
Nothing will be added to your site. Completely hidden tracking.

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Private Reports
Password protected reports, SSL encrypted.
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One Hour

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One Business Day
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